We empover our partners through Kwix Connect


  • Touch Screen

  • Back-up Battery Supply

  • SIM/WI-FI/Bluetooth

  • Speaker User Interactions

  • Power Cables & Accessories

  • QR Code Capabilities

  • Management Portal Access and Control

  • Responsive Technical Support

  • Device Certification

  • Local Delivery Cost Only

  • Navigate Seamlessly through our Numerous Reports.

  • Drill down with our user-friendly, easy to manoeuvre icon system.

  • Generate detailed reports from all your bookings.

  • Kwix Connect Management portal has an easy download function for external reporting.

Booking Process Simplified

The Order is proccesed within seconds

Kwix Connect is directly connecting to your dispatch system, so the order is processed within seconds.

Venues and their customers receive live status updates on driver details.

Create Request

Tap for TAXI or MAXI

Confirm Request

Tap OK to confirm

View Details

View pending orders, "live"

Monthly Pricing Packages

SaaS (Software as a Service):

Plan 1

1 - 500 Devices

Plan 2

501 - 1500 Devices

Plan 3

1501 + Devices

Device Cost:

  • Once off initial set up charge per device.

  • Low monthly fixed cost across all SaaS plans.

Please contact us to discuss the specific costs of the pricing package plan that best suits your business requirements.


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