Tap for a Taxi

Kwix Connect takes the stresses away and assures that when you use our product and services, we will dispatch a taxi immediately.

Kwix Connect is a one-click on-demand Taxi booking device made to ease the taxi booking process and provide quality service hassle-free to the customers. Kwix Connect is an easy-to-use, portable device which can be deployed at a variety of venues including restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, corporate buildings, etc. The product is painless to operate and maintain while ensuring maximum convenience to the user. It is a smarter and faster way to order a taxi or maxi with a simple tap on the screen!

Kwix Connect allows you to

  • Book multiple taxis at once

  • Receive live ETA

  • Easy cancellation of the taxi with a simple click

  • Interact with the device via interactive voice response

  • Access device management tools

  • Navigate through various auto-generated reports

  • Generate detailed reports

Quick Taxi Dispatch Service

Kwix Connect works closely with Taxi companies and venue partners to provide instant taxi/maxi dispatch service to the customers.

Safe Commute

We, at Kwix Connect, have the ultimate goal of making taxi ordering convenient andstress-free for the passengers and users. Customer data is not required while booking the taxi. The passengers just need to tap on taxi or maxi to book the vehicle.


Kwix Connect is the first of its kind and fastest taxi booking service. The user-friendlyinterface allows the customers to easily call out for a taxi/maxi at their desired time to their location

Why Choose Kwix Connect?

Kwix Connect

A Kwix Connect device is physically installed at venues, such as restaurants, bars and clubs, hotels, and company receptions. Customers are able to access a Taxi, or a Maxi in just a two taps.

Management Portal

The cloud based Management Portal is accessible at all times by our partners. Manage all your reporting requirements with ease and simplicity.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee your customers will be booking your service more regularly than before because of the effortless and straightforward user experience.

Kwix Connect is beating the ride share companies at their own game.

  • Len Markus, CEO Kwix Connect

Book a TAXI or MAXI

We empower our partners through Kwix Connect

How It Works?

Two-step guide to booking a taxi using Kwix Connect

It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s convenient!

Kwix Connect offers a simplified taxi booking process. The fully automated system connects the customer to the dispatched taxi and shares driver and vehicle details within seconds. Kwix Connect is a Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen and interactive device, both venue partners, as well as the customers, receive live updates about the arrival of the desired vehicle.

  • 1

    Step 1 - Create a request

Customers/Venue partners have two options to choose from - Taxi or Maxi.

Tap on “Taxi” to book a taxi instantly.

Tap on “Maxi” to book a maxi instantly.

  • 2

    Step 2 - Request Confirmation

A one-click confirmation system dispatches the requested vehicle within seconds to the location. Kwix Connect’s interactive guide shares the ETA in real-time. This serves the dual benefit of lesser waiting time and increased driver efficiency.

Interactive voice response notifies the customer that the taxi is confirmed.

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